A Message from Father Jim & Reverend Kate

Dear Friends,

We are coming to the end of our second, and hopefully last, lockdown. Easter was completely online, now Christmas is going to look very different from the norm. Despite the restrictions, Christmas is not cancelled. The God who loved us into being, then loved us enough to become one of us, will still be born again in our hearts at Christmas. Whatever restrictions there are on our secular festivities, however different our church celebrations will need to be, we, like Mary, can be God bearers this Christmas. 

Of course, I'm getting ahead of myself, we are not in Christmas yet, we've just entered Advent. The themes of Advent are; Hope, Peace, Joy & Love.

Let us HOPE for a swift end to this terrible disease

Let us pray for PEACE for all who are troubled in any way by this terrible disease

Let us celebrate the JOY in the world, despite this terrible disease

Let us spread Love in the midst of this terrible disease.

People are still being infected, people are still dying, we need to take the restrictions on our activities at home and at church extremely seriously. We cannot reach out to hug our friends, we can reach out in friendship. 
With my continued love and prayers for a blessed Advent and joyous Christmas.

Father Jim 


Dear All

Hoping you are well; you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

John and I are two of the nearly half a million people who have offered to be NHS volunteers. I will continue to be a chaplain two days a week and will volunteer, if and when I am needed, on the other days. You therefore won’t see me doing morning and evening prayer live, but I may be the one who takes you for a hospital appointment or brings your medication.

I therefore might take a while to respond, if you contact me, depending on how busy I am, but I look forward to chatting to you whenever I can.

John will continue to print a non- pew sheet, (a sitting room chair sheet), for those of you not on email, so you may see us and others out delivering them. Please wave to us!

Please take care of yourselves, and praying that we will all be together again very soon,

Love and Blessings

Revd Kate

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