All Age Worship

All Age Worship takes place on the first Sunday of every Month. It is a friendly and welcoming service designed to be enjoyed by everyone - no matter their age. It is ideal for families, children, teenagers and those who don't regularly attend Church but are curious and would like to learn a little more about what goes on!

Sometimes Church can seem a scary place, full of rules and regulations - our All Age Worship will show you that's not the case. You don't need to dress in your "Sunday best" - come as you are - in jeans, your football kit or your muddy wellies! You don't have to join in, or you might want to sing at the top of your voice. You may not be a believer, but just curious about faith. You will meet like minded, local people who are actually really nice! You will meet our priests who can sometimes be really funny. You will certainly hear amazing stories.

All Age Worship is a 10.30am and will be followed by refreshments. We looking forward to welcoming you - if one of you was missing, we would not be complete. 

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